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​As I wear many hats, I offer a wide range of services. I am always willing to collaborate and connect. I have listed some of my services below.



Therapy is my most popular and requested services. However, as a current Ph.D. student and Psychologist in training, there are limitations to how I can practice. First, I can only practice in the state of Kentucky. Second, I have limited availability due to the demand of being in a Ph.D. program. I share this information to manage expectations. Please complete the “contact” tab for therapy inquiries. See the link below, where I explain how to find a therapist in your area:


Community Engagement, Guest Lectures and Workshops


One of my favorite things to do is to engage with the community, especially about conversations around wellness, travel, love, self-care, mental health, and men and masculinity. I have given many presentations and talks about the topics above. I typically cater the topics to the needs of the community. For inquiries regarding Speaking and Community Engagement opportunities, please utilize the 'Contact' tab. Let's collaborate to bring insightful conversations to your community, sparking dialogue and fostering growth together."


As a Ph.D. candidate, translational research is my second language. I have a keen understanding of systems and team development. I have led workshops and consulting efforts on topics from diversity and inclusion to travel planning. Similar to Speaking and Community Engagement, Consulting and Workshops are tailored to the inquirer's needs. Please complete the “contact” tab for Consulting and Workshops inquiries.  

Pricing for Workshops and Guest Lectures

2-hour . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500.00

4-hour . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $800.00

Workshop and Guest Lecture FAQ

  • Sliding scale fee adjustment is available upon request.

  • Destin provides in-person training with flight and hotel accommodations.

  • All workshops include copies of presenter materials and live interactions with Destin.

  • All workshops include one 30-minute consultation meeting with Destin to identify DEI and social justice objectives tailored to the individual organization.

  • Prerecording workshops and lectures available upon request. Please indicate in your inquiry if you are considering a prerecorded option.

Wellness and Travel Consulting

I am passionate about empowering people to achieve and maintain wellness. Wellness is practicing healthy daily habits to attain better physical and mental health outcomes so that instead of just surviving, you're thriving. I specialize in offering solution-focused assistance, personalized strategies, and mentorship to help you achieve your wellness goals.Coaching is not therapy; however, it may complement your therapy journey.


One of the unique aspects I bring to the table is my love for travel, which I consider a transformative and therapeutic experience promoting holistic well-being. With a wealth of travel experiences from visiting 27 countries, I'm here to provide invaluable assistance. Whether you're seeking travel advice, curated itineraries, or planning support, I am dedicated to enhancing your journey toward wellness. Explore the world and nourish your mind and body with my guidance, bridging the gap between personal growth and transformative travel experiences. 

Pricing for Wellness and Travel Consulting 

$100.00 initial 90-minute intake 
$60.00 per 50-minute session

*Travel agent services are available upon request; Prices may vary*

Content Creation 

Email directly for content collaborations. 

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